Tuesday, March 4, 2008

PC Case Mod - Netted Side Panel

I've heard of folks who leave their PCs open in order to keep them cool without having to invest in anything. As a result, their PC would look something like this:

I used to be one of such people who sacrificed the protection of the PC's internal parts for the sake of reducing heat build-up, as well as for the ease of accessing the parts in the computer. I found it difficult to remove the side cover everytime I want to check something inside. But leaving the case open is put my computer at risk of foreign object invasions (e.g. insects, pets etc), not to mention the dust build-up over time, all of which could have disastrous consequences.
That is until I thought of the idea to make a side cover that is easy to remove and put on, allows for as much ventilation as possible, while still offering the necessary protection from dust and foreign objects.